Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Watch Girls online for free

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"Mom! Oh my God, don't Google that!"

All I wanted to do was watch the new show Girls.  I'd heard so much about it, it had won tons of awards, and, after walking out of Frances Ha halfway through due to total annoyance,
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my Movie Madness mate, Maddie, told me, "You've got to see Girls. It's so much better than this."

(Here, read this hilarious piece in the The Onion on annoying things about film)

The only problem is, I don't have HBO. I can barely get through my cable bill sans extra movie channels every month as it is without a glass of wine, what with all the pages and pages and pages of fees and taxes and adjustments and HDTV upgrades and paying for hundreds of channels when the only thing I ever seem to watch is the first ten minutes of The Daily Show taped on the DVR (extra charge for that). It's almost as bad as getting the AT & T envelope in the mail. I've given up. Awhile back, thinking it would help, I switched to e bills, but it seemed to just make it worse, injuring my thumb, scrolling down, down, down forever until getting to The Full Monty at the bottom. These days I usually just wait to get a reminder text about my payment due date so I can text back - just charge it. You know my debit card number. It's on file. Take however much you want.

So I tried to find Girls for free. Online. At least I texted Shana first and she stopped me from making a big mistake. My inbox would be full of porn, she said. Plus, what would the NSA think? After looking at a few sites, searching specifically for Girls Lena Dunham, etc., I found nothing. I turned to Shawn for help. Can you find this HBO show for me? We've got apple tv and xBox and Playstation and even some new thing called Plex that has lots of shows and movies for free, even some brand new, still-in-the-theater movies (streaming into our house with varying degrees of legality). But nothing. No Girls for free online for me. I gave in and signed up again for Netflix, vowing to cancel after one month of the little red envelopes. At least those I like to open.

And Girls, The First Season, was awesome.

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