Saturday, February 16, 2013

Magnum's ManDate

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After playing XBox Army man for years online with a bunch of guys, Shawn got an invite to meet face-to-face. Sort of strange, like for middle-aged married men. Are you supposed to bring your wife? Should you dress like your avatar? Which one are we meeting? The homophobic racist? The pothead poolboy? The Obama hater? No, said Shawn, just the nice ones, it'll be fine, but I think even he was a little nervous. I thought of the little circle of IT guys in my universe I talk to several times a week. Email like crazy. Yell at, then thank profusely, all behind nice, secure virtual and telephonic shields. But tonight, the XBox shield came down at swanky Magnums for my mandated man date. Four hours of scotch drinking, cigar smoking and chatting. I'm now even a cigar aficionado after having a cute little Cherry Bomb - puff it in, don't inhale, let it waft in your mouth. I don't recall even one mention of gaming, just lots of other common interests - medicine, books, military, saving the world, travel. Tomorrow, maybe, the man dates will be back online, but for tonight, at least, it was good to be out of the (X)Box.

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