Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Surrounded by a bunch of recent college grads just clocked-out from their new corporate jobs, "I Voted" stickers still fresh from their first national election, we snuggled up on the couch for a Presidential Political Pizza Party and were stunned by the lights as the channel-surfing, iPad, iPhone, and lap-top hi-tech images spat out numbers adding up to another four years of staying out of new wars, cooling down our planet, teaching real science, giving everybody at the table what's fair and protecting the five precious girls on my couch (and lots more like them). While it would be interesting to be eating oatmeal with Rove, Adelson, Scalia and the Koch Klan in a few hours, I'd rather cozy up to Nate Silver and David Plouffe for a "did-you-really-know-it-all-along?" latte review when the sun comes up on what I'm sure will be a beautiful day. As I cleared away the last of the empty Blue Moon bottles, I said a silent toast to the young ladies on the couch. This one's for you.

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