Saturday, June 30, 2012

June's Buggin' Me Pub Crawl

Must be the "It seems like you need a drink" depressed, stuck in the heat for the summer, look on my face that has led to all the one on one sistah time pub crawling, since my own sistah is far away. Started days ago at the in-the-mall-bubble ZTejas for a farewell for the summer lucky girl, off to Holland, South Africa and France, poor thing, but she remembered working the opening of ZTejas long before the mall was in a bubble. From the old to the new, crawled over to the "if you build it, they will come" Downside Risk at Gainey Village for a total, hot-to-trot meat market - need a 55 - 70 year old new guy? then this is your place, but we didn't, well I didn't, my date did, but stuck in a never-ending divorce not quite ready, so continued the crawl across parking lot to the also new Cask 32 (lost the Bloom) for a little peace and quiet. Next up, post-yoga, zenned over to Scratch with amazing yogi Mary for a little green tea, how lucky are we that she moved yoga to Saturdays for the summer! Then, circle of life, back to the bubbled ZTejas and high school for a last minute, last day of June pow wow with Arcadia chum. Oh, the drama of the girls. The heat is on, but maybe we'll make it through the summer after all.
Bring it on July...

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