Monday, March 26, 2012

Dog Days

In addition to all the bad health jujubeees circling around me, Sully the dog has seen some better days, as well. He's old. The hearing is going. Eyesight right behind. Hips aren't great. We've traded our walks for grass lounging. Suddenly he's a picky eater. I'm at the store every one or two days now to buy dog food, since he changes his mind daily so I can't load up a case at a time anymore. He makes noises all the time, grunting, some sort of sneeze-like nose clearing sound, and achy rolling over noises. On certain days, he can't make it up on the couch or the bed or into the car, needing a little push. He doesn't sleep through the night anymore, which means yours truly doesn't either, and when I let him out into the dark night, I'm afraid he's going to fall in the pool. I'm trying to be nice. I've been giving him medicine. Treats. Lots of treats. I'm babying him.  It's a good thing I knew him when he was cute. And he was. Oh my God, so cute. Total tiny white, fluffy ball with one big black spot in the back cute.

And he still is.

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