Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Se7en was on TV and I was reminded of the Brad/Gwenyth love connection. The old Hollywood frenzy. The pretty, almost sibling-like, years long affair and engagement. I thought of The Oscars on Sunday. Gwenyth, stunning, glowing in a white gown, walked on to the stage with beautiful Brad in the front row, his parents just behind (Shawn makes fun of me for knowing these things, but as the Director of Movie Madness, I feel I must keep up on Tinsletown's Who's Who-ers). I wondered what Mom and Dad were thinking as she stood before them - the "what ifs" and all the holidays around the fireplace, the trips to the beach, the splashing in the pool with the dog, the Skyping across the Atlantic.  Were they allowed to smile and wave from the second row? Maybe send a little text? Hi Zach, I mean Gwen, can we still be friends?

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